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   Welcome to  I am starting this blog section (web log section) that will explain any additions I've made to the site.  Over time this site will be expanding by way of your requests.  There have been a lot of requests for photos, so I will be adding some photos for you to use.  It will take awhile to get a large number of photos on here, so please be patient.  
   I have also had some great response to the initial reviews.  I'll be reviewing different products, services, whatever the day brings.  If you want to have your product or "whatever" reviewed and seen by thousands upon thousands, I'll need to review it. 
Persuade me to review it.  I encourage visitors to tell me what information you think I should add next.  Once I have added to the site for awhile I'll add a search function that will search this site.  Who knows what you'll find. 
   So, with having said all that,
read the blog index!

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