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Indexing over 1000 backgrounds was not an easy job.  Although we are quite clever (toot toot), we may have made a mistake or two. Email mistakes.  Thank you.

backgrounds by category

By Color
Textures Flowers Plants
Horizontal Lines Vertical Lines Diagonal Lines
Spheres Circles Specs/Dots
Triangles Squares Cubes
Marble Bricks Stones/Rocks
Plaid Silk Lace
Squiggles Swirls Waves
Sky/Sunsets/Clouds Snowflakes Water
Outer Space Stars Star Trek
Puzzle Pieces Mazes Games
Animals People Smiley Faces
Parties/Festive Pokemon Cartoons
Quilts Camouflage Links
Hearts Western Wood
History/Foreign Computer Related Misc. Objects
Borders Multiple Colors 5+ sided shapes
Money Cars Sports
Words South Park

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