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Help / Frequently asked questions

Q:  Are these backgrounds really free, no hitch?

A:  You may take whatever you want from this site free of charge.  The whole reason behind this site is to give internet users as many backgrounds to choose from as possible and make it absolutely free.  Of course we always appreciate you linking back to us (as a thank you) but you're not "required" to.  You may not take an inappropriately large amount of our site and use it as yours, common sense should prevail.  In the future we may limit use on commercial uses of our material, but as of today there is no charge.


Q:  I just can't figure out how to take a background (or animated gif) from your site, could you please help? 

A:  Sure.   First go to the background (or animated gif) that you like.  Point to to the background with your mouse.  Click on the right button of your mouse.  A small window should come up, then pick "save background as..."  When you do this a second window should come up that you will use to decide which drive (C drive or A drive) to put the new file in and what to name the file.  Click on the save button when you have completed this.  I hope that worked.  These directions will work with most mouses (mice) and computers, email us if this doesn't work.  These directions will be refined through time.


Q:  I have a Mac (Macintosh), how do I save these images?

A:  We do not use a Mac, so anyone who does, please send us the instructions to the above question and we will pass it on!  Email us the instructions


Q:  When will you be done with this site?

A:  We will not be done with this site for quite awhile.  We intend to have over 1000 backgrounds, many more animated gifs, maybe substantial clip art, photos, reviews and maybe a big movie library.  This all takes a long time to collect and publish BUT we will be adding constantly (soon)- You just need to keep checking back.  This site will be HUGE when we are done (but you deserve it.)


Q:  Is there anything I can do to help this site?

A:  Right now, we would like for someone to write a short, clear article on how to install a (free) program onto their website.  Contact us before hand and we can give you more cues on what we're looking for.  If we can follow the instructions and make it work, we can publish it!  Need a link and exposure?


Q:  How do I put backgrounds on my outgoing emails?

A:  OK, as far as we know, you can only put backgrounds on brand new outgoing emails.  By this we mean that we don't think you can put a background on responding emails.  Understand?   Alright, here we go- first you open up your email box.  Then push compose email.  Then push "format" on the top of the email.  Next push background and import the file.   Hopefully this helps depending on the email program you use.  If you know of other ways to do this with other email programs then please email the instructions for it.

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