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   Hello and thank you for looking into advertising with us.  I'm looking to review anything and everything (non-adult.)  Whether it be stores, restaurants, websites, events, or products; whatever it is I would like to add it to my blog with a description and general review of the product and maybe a link to your website or some contact info.  

   After we build up some new content, we will be adding a search function where our users will be able to search for your product or related keywords and they will find a review.  If I don't buy your product in my every day life, it probably won't get reviewed unless you send it to me for free or give me a substantial discount.  So push this contact link and let's see if we can work something out.  For expensive items such as cars, maybe you can pay to have me test drive one or something?  For items that I can't use, such as tampons, I'll find someone who can use them.  If you want me to review something that I already don't like (such as a style of music) I'll find a fan to review it.  Talk to you soon.


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