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eXTReMe Counter - 

   If you push this counter it will show the stats that it provides.  It is similar to except it allows visitors to look at your stats.  This could be a disadvantage to ecommerce sites because it would allow a competitor to keep track of you and your traffic sources. -

    This is a great counter which has an optional invisible mode.  It is really easy to install!  The statistics it provides includes hits per hour, daily, monthly, domain, reference (where the hit came from), user browser, user operating system, and words used from search engine requests!  It can be used to help your traffic grow too!  HIGHLY recommended.
Update-  There has been an extreme change of opinion about this counter. They broke the existing counters when they were trying to improve them.  This effected a lot of people, I had 30 of these and it was a pain finding and removing all of them.  I would not use this counter.


    This is a wonderful counter.   It has a great selection of stats that you can look at.  To look at what we mean, press the Nedstat counter above.  There are two drawbacks to this counter.  First visitors don't know how many hits you have unless they go onto the Nedstat site.  This isn't horrible, but for those who want their counter to show (on their site) how many hits they have, this counter does not have that option.  The second drawback (and in our opinion a more crucial drawback) is that Nedstat does not allow commercial sites to use their counter for free.  Therefore if you have a commercial site, this counter would not be recommended.

Hit Box-

    The registration gave me a weird "big brother is watching" feeling with all they wanted to know.  And while the information they provide can be very helpful, it wasn't all it was hyped up to be.  Be ready to jump through hoops for this better than average counter.

More reviews of free counters to come.  Do you have a favorite counter that we should have here?- Well tell us about it then!

(Counters listed on this page do not have the same statistics due to being added at different times.)

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