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CGI, or Common Gateway Interface, is something serious webmasters eventually HAVE TO look into.  CGI transforms plain webpages into interactive webpages.  Examples of CGI could be free for all links pages, banner exchanges, search engines, random link generators, quiz generators, polls or surveys, message boards, and other very inviting webpage features.  CGI creates interactivity and website interactivity boosts your website traffic!  Check out the sites on the right BUT COME BACK!- please.

CGI Resources-  Very possibly the best source of CGI scripts on the net.   Scripts are easy to find and the site is really helpful.
Matt's Script Archive-  A big collection of CGI scripts!  Webmasters are lucky to have a resource like this.
Script Search-  As the site implies, search for the right CGI script.

Free Code-  Another valuable resource for CGI scripts.

..suggest your favorite cgi site

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