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Date 8/4/06   Photo Index My Blog Index

8:00  P.M.  I ran out of time yesterday to get everything done.  Too many things to do not enough time.  For all of you out there dying to find out what I have to say about paper plates, you may need to find a hobby.  Play video games online.  Do something.  
However, I have decided to grow this site with product reviews, so here goes.

If you are looking at the current day's blog, 
, there might be more to it.
8:30 P.M.  Today's review is for Western Family paper plates.  These paper plates are in the mid to low price range as far as throw away plates go.  The price was $3.29 (without tax) for 100 plates.  
First I have to say that these paper plates are better than many.  You will not have to double up and use two plates if you have wet food to eat.  We used chili and sausage cheese dogs for our tests.  The chili test was great, there wasn't a risk of leak thru, the bottom of the plate stayed dry.  Unless you were a very, very slow eater, I doubt there would be any risk for leak thru.  With the sausage dogs, we used a knife to test what would happen if the plate were cut on.  When we cut on the plate, we did not cut the plate.  The plate did not become part of the meal, so that if you didn't want to eat paper you wouldn't have to.  I'm assuming that there is some "cover" on the plate,  whether it is wax(?) or not I'm not sure, but there is a slight shine to the plates which explains the less absorbent qualities.  Whatever the "cover" could be, it was not listed on the package.  These plates are well worth the money at about three and a half cents each and scores a very respectable 8.8. 
Tell me what else you want reviewed, maybe you'll see it here soon. 
9:30 P.M.  As many of you do, I like to find new and interesting websites.  The one I linked to above, is plain fun, I go to it now and then and earn grabbles and play in tournaments.  Try it out and email me other fun sites, I'll tell people about it if it's worthy.  

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11:40 P.M.  I just added to the photo index, with some time this area will grow and become a great value for those of you who need stock photos.  There are now 5 (wow) photos available.  I'll be adding more in the next few days.  My Blog Index

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