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My bloggedy blog life
Date 8/26/06   Photo Index My Blog Index

11:15 P.M.  I'll have some more photos on here momentarily.

11:25 P.M.  Here, a kiddie ride, a john deere riding lawn mower, a cub cadet riding lawn mower, a kubota riding lawn mower.  More to come.

If you are looking at the current day's blog, 
, there might be more to it.

11:59 P.M.  Here are the last photos for awhile, I have to go take more pictures.  Here's a Kubota tractor, John Deere tractor, a John Deere Gator (fun looking), community events sign, and model cars.  Keep watching the photo index page, I'm up to 58 photos.  Not bad for less than a month.  

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