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My bloggedy blog life
Date 8/2/06   Photo Index My Blog Index

3:00 AM still trying to get these new sections to follow a logical route.  I'll be going to McDonalds today and I'll be reviewing paper plates... yes my life is very full.  Hopefully I'll add some good pictures and I'll be adding to the photo index.
4:00 AM  So I think I have everything logical, hopefully someone will email me today to give me their thoughts on the new layout.  I'm slightly behind on the photo index, so disregard that section, just look at the layout.  I'll be catching up on that within a couple days.
4:05 AM  I saw a flaw, it's not logical... hmm.
4:50  One of the hardest things to do when building a big site is to make the "flow" logical.  One of the easiest ways to make updates is to come up with webpage templates that you can slap your new info in and use again.  I think I have made it logical and I've come up with the pages I need.  For example with
this page I can put in a new photo, update the meta tags, update the description, rename it and be done.  That page is an example of the single photo page, later I'll add a search option to this site, so that you can find goofy webmasters with paper plates in front of their faces.  It'll rule!

If you are looking at the current day's blog, 
, there might be more to it.  


5:05 AM  I'm outta here.  I'll add more later today, check around 6-8 PM PST.  But before I leave, here's something funny.
10:00 PM Yes, I'm back later than I thought I'd be.  Today I went to McDonald's twice.  I went to the Centralia, WA McDonald's at 1201 Lum Rd. first for breakfast (a big breakfast plus an extra hashbrown.)  The service was fine, quick drive thru.  However the butter opened and was all over the bottom of the bag, hence miniscule butter for my biscuit.  No napkins.  The hashbrowns were great, the sausage was ok... And then I got really sick, I think it was the eggs. I was sick all day, still don't feel right.  
So being the smart guy I am, I went to McDonald's for dinner, this time at 1790 N.E. Kresky Ave. Chehalis, WA.  I mean even though I still felt sorta cruddy, it's a different McDonald's and I was going to review McDonald's today anyway.  So I'm in the drive thru, and I'm in the drive thru, and I'm in the drive thru.  When I get to the pay window they have me as another order.  How'd that happen, there were only two of us in the drive thru.  So she re-rang my order.  This is BS cause I know she was just improving her drive thru time (they get in trouble for long drive thru times) and re-setting her time.  So when I got my order (quarter pounder with cheese meal) two complete songs had played on the radio (and then some) so my wait (with only me a another truck in the drive thru) was about 8 and 1/2 minutes.  The fries were so salty I gave them to my dog and I refused to eat them.  The quarter pounder was made very well, better than normal, but then again they had nearly 10 minutes to make it, they don't even pour the soda anymore, a machine does it for them.  So McDonald's did very poorly today.  Centralia, WA scores a 3.2 (pretty good for getting me sick) and Chehalis, WA scores a 4.5.  The Paper plate review is coming later tonight.  
11:15 PM seeing as how it is getting close to 8/3/06, I'll do the plates on 8/3/06.

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